Family Development Worker in Abronhill

A dedication service was held on Sunday 29 April at Abronhill Church for our new family development worker, Susan Reford.  A great number of people from various other churches where Susan has worked and worshipped helped to swell the number attending and everyone enjoyed the home baking and tea/coffee afterwards.  Susan outlined her post at Abronhill explaining that although she would meet with children and parents in the Church, she was also meeting them through the local schools.  Her aim was to bring people to Church and to faith but it was also important that the Church was out in the community also.  She felt her role was not strictly defined and would grow and change as time goes on.  Susan is looking forward to working with the people and Church in Abronhill and helping with their work with the other churches in Cumbernauld.

Cumbernauld Old Fashion Show

The people at Cumbernauld Old are delighted to report that the Lunch & Fashion Show in the Westerwood Hotel on the afternoon of Sunday 22nd April was an even bigger success than last year, raising a quite astonishing £4780 on the day for Project ROCK. Our grateful thanks go to Evelyn Murray, Irene Whyte and FROX of Falkirk, plus everyone else who worked so hard behind the scenes and, of course, to everyone who attended the show and helped us raise so much for Project ROCK. Words almost fail us… THANK YOU!

Zero VAT Petition

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has proposed extending the scope of VAT to alterations to listed places of worship. Currently VAT is charged at zero percent on such alterations. The imposition of VAT at the standard rate to alterations to listed church buildings will place an extra burden on hard-pressed congregations, so various church groups and individuals are encouraging people to sign a petition urging HM Treasury to reconsider. Please sign the petition to “bring back zero-rate VAT on alterations to listed churches” here.

Christian Aid book sale

A book sale to raise money for Christian Aid will take place in Falkirk from 8 – 12 May. Now in its fourth year, the sale has raised more than £4,600 in previous years. With a great range of second hand paperbacks and hardbacks, fiction and non-fiction, the sale gives people in Central Scotland the opportunity to stock up on holiday reading and special interest books, while supporting a good cause at the same time. The event takes place in Falkirk Old and St Modan’s Church, Manse Place, Falkirk FK1 1JN. It will open daily from 10am, and this year the sale will also be open on three evenings – 7th, 8th and 9th May – from 7pm to 9pm. For further information please contact Hamish Scott on 01324 632387.

Cornerstone Cafe

Our friends at the Cornerstone Centre at 1 Esk Walk (Town Centre) – formerly the Bingo Hall – have asked us to advertise their excellent cafe which is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm and provides excellent value. The Café offers breakfasts, tea and lunches, as well as take-away meals, all in a friendly and relaxing environment. While it can be busy at lunchtimes, there’s usually plenty of space when it’s time for morning coffee or afternoon tea, so let’s help them out and fill up the cafe!

Abronhill Spring Fayre

This will take place at Abronhill Church on Saturday 28 April.  Doors open at 11 am  All donations are welcome except for electrical goods.  Donations of home baking, fancy goods, toiletries, toys, bric a brac etc will be greatly appreciated.  If you have green fingers and have more cuttings than you know what to do with, please consider donating them to the Fayre.  Come along and have a great day.

Condorrat – Guild

The Guild’s AGM is on 25th April which officially concludes the ‘Guild Year’.  However there will be an informal evening on 9th May for Starter Packs, Glasgow an organisation which provides practical help to those moving from homelessness to setting up home in new permanent tenancies.  Starter packs contain: crockery/cutlery, pots/pans, mugs/glasses, new duvets/bed linen/towels, cleaning materials/toiletries, mirrors, pictures, candles, cushions.

Do come along on 9th May for a cup of tea and a chat and all donations of items for the starter packs will be gratefully received.

Why Believe?

The Church of Scotland Mission & Discipleship Council has told us that:
The Why Believe? group is holding two conferences on 12 May in Edinburgh and on 27 October in Glasgow, with the “aim of equipping and encouraging church members to give a reason for the faith that is in them” in the context of the challenges to belief and witness in the contemporary world.
The first – ‘What Can I Say?‘ – is focused on how a perhaps hesitant or discouraged believer can have confidence in the content of the Christian message, faced with the challenges thrown at it in today’s world. (You might call this classical apologetics applied to a post-modern and perhaps post-Christian world.)
The second – ‘How Can I Say It?’ – focuses on “practical outworking of witness in real life situations”, such as work, social media and so on.
The format of both conferences is primarily practical – a series of workshops, preceded by a plenary talk.  Although there will be some inspiring speakers, the emphasis is on participation, helping people to address the questions they are wrestling with.
The Why Believe conferences leaflet 2012 has further information about the workshops and a booking form.

Condorrat – Fundraising

The 1st Condorrat Boys and Girls Brigade recently took part in a Bag Packing Fund Raising day at Tesco Town Centre.  They raised the amazing sum of £1,955 which will be used to help reduce the cost of this year’s camp.

The Sunday Club provided delicious bacon rolls after the Easter Sunday service, raising the sum of £87.  This was donated between three animal charities and Save The Children.

The Cumbernauld Male Voice Choir concert on 15th March raised £433 for our Sanctuary Refurbishment Fund.

Diary Dates: Two future events organised by the Social/Sanctuary Refurbishment Committee are the Annual Summer Fete on Saturday 19th May and a Fashion Show on 6th October at Westerwood Hotel.  More details of both events in a later posting.

Condorrat Anniversary Service and Lunch

On the 14th April The Rev Grace Saunders will have been Minister of Condorrat Parish Church for one year.  She writes ‘I am constantly thankful and give praise to God for bringing me here.‘  As our Session Clerk stated in this month’s Parish News, Grace is already getting to be well known and well thought of in the Condorrat community and, indeed, Cumbernauld itself. We all wish her God’s blessing in her continuing work.

Grace is planning to celebrate the anniversary with a Soup and Sandwich lunch after morning Service this Sunday 15th April.  She intends to chat with as many people as she can and hopes it will be a great time of fellowship.   

Dochas mid-week worship

Dochas logoDo you find it difficult or impossible to get to church on Sunday?
Does the usual format of a church service make it difficult for you to encounter God?
Do you not like singing hymns or do you find the Sunday morning service too long?
Or do you want to get to church on a Sunday and miss it on the occasions when you can’t?
Then Dochas (a Gaelic name that means Faith & Hope) could be for you: a 30-minute midweek service, starting on Wednesday 18th April and then every Wednesday at 7.00pm in the Session Room of Kildrum Parish Church.
While there may be music, we will not sing hymns and there won’t be a sermon!
Instead, these services, led by the Church of Scotland ministers and deacons in Cumbernauld, will be an opportunity to spend a quiet time in prayer and reflection. All welcome!

Christ is Risen!

Tha Criosd air èiridh ; Christus resurrectus est ; Christos anesti ; Ha-Masiah qom ; Mchiha aka ; Gaydolk folkwoot leew ; Vstal z mrtvŷch Kristus ; Sa tucake tale na Karisito ; Le Christ est ressuscité ; Christus ist auferstanden ; Massih jee uthhā hai ; Harisutosu hukkatsu ; Etopiuo Christ ; Christo ha resucitado ; Kristu amefufuka ; Atgyfododd Crist ; Ukristu uvukile.

Christ is Risen, he is risen indeed!

And that’s Good News in anyone’s language.
(English, Gaelic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Cantonese, Czech, Fijian, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Masai, Spanish, Swahili, Welsh and Zulu)