Why Believe?

The Church of Scotland Mission & Discipleship Council has told us that:
The Why Believe? group is holding two conferences on 12 May in Edinburgh and on 27 October in Glasgow, with the “aim of equipping and encouraging church members to give a reason for the faith that is in them” in the context of the challenges to belief and witness in the contemporary world.
The first – ‘What Can I Say?‘ – is focused on how a perhaps hesitant or discouraged believer can have confidence in the content of the Christian message, faced with the challenges thrown at it in today’s world. (You might call this classical apologetics applied to a post-modern and perhaps post-Christian world.)
The second – ‘How Can I Say It?’ – focuses on “practical outworking of witness in real life situations”, such as work, social media and so on.
The format of both conferences is primarily practical – a series of workshops, preceded by a plenary talk.  Although there will be some inspiring speakers, the emphasis is on participation, helping people to address the questions they are wrestling with.
The Why Believe conferences leaflet 2012 has further information about the workshops and a booking form.


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