Government gives £5m to Christian Aid

The following article appeared in the Summer 2012 edition of Christian Aid News.

Across the UK , Christian Aid supporters went the extra mile to raise money for Christian Aid Week 2012 – walking across country, living on £1 a day, holding church services and, of course, going out house-to-house collecting. And their efforts received a tremendous boost when it was announced, on the eve of the event, that the first £5m in donations would be matched, pound-for-pound, by the Department for International Development (DFID).

This gesture, known as match-funding, will mean that the efforts of all those thousands of Christian Aid supporters will go further, enabling us to help more people in poor communities around the world work their way out of poverty.

UK Aid Match, introduced in June 2011, allows the public to have a direct say in how some of the UK aid budget is spent, by match-funding selected charity appeals for poverty reduction work carried out in developing countries. The Christian Aid UK Aid Match money will be used to support poor communities in Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Africa, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Burma to improve access to healthcare and build sustainable livelihoods.

The livelihoods work will focus on small farmers and landless labourers, predominantly women, in order to help them develop profitable and resilient livelihoods, and secure land and employment opportunities.

Thank you so much for your generous support during Christian Aid Week 2012. Your support and the additional money from the match-funding will ensure that even more people are able to work their own way out of poverty.


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