Cumbernauld Old Stewardship Season

Stewardship Season 2012 - The Stewardship of TimeSeptember has been designated ‘Stewardship Season’ at Cumbernauld Old. Starting in September 2012 we will be looking at The Stewardship of Time and in subsequent years we will look at the stewardship of Talents and Money respectively.

Worship each Sunday this September will focus on four areas (see below) with a round up ‘ Time for Reflection’ on the last Sunday of the month, 30th September, and a time of thanksgiving and re-commitment incorporated into our Harvest Thanksgiving service on Sunday 7th October.

Sunday 2 September – Time for God
Sunday 9 September – Time for Work, Rest and Recreation
Sunday 16 September – Time for Family, Friends and Other People
Sunday 23 September – Time for the Church

During September we will be making ‘time diaries’ available to those attending our services – we hope they will be used to help everyone work out just where their time goes each week, and to make adjustments where they feel that is appropriate. There are also plans for a follow-up exercise in November, of which more later. September promises to be an interesting and thought-provoking month!


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