St Mungo’s Church Fundraising Event – The Power is Within You an Evening with Valerie MacLennan

Special Event: One Evening Only, St Mungo’s Church, Cumbernauld Friday 22nd March at 7.30pm. “In Conversation With” Valerie MacLennan her very own one woman show.

Ever wondered why you have been given:

The Power of Words

The Ability to Choose the Words that you Speak

To Choose the Thoughts we Think


Fear and apprehension comes from not knowing the basic laws of life. In recession people are struggling with Finance, Health, Career or Relationships.

A Power Greater than Ourselves:

Where did your gifts come from?

Do you use your gifts to the full?

Are your thoughts controlling you, or, are you controlling them?

Where is God in the Upheaval of your Life? come along and listen to the discussion, it might just ive you a “Light Bulb” Moment.


Tickets £10.00 each and you may pay at the door or alternatively reserve by Email to all proceeds are going to the church funds.



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