Syria: a Church of Scotland response

Please take time to read the latest blog post from the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland. Even if the situation in Syria seems too difficult to understand, know that you can do something to help: pray for peace, pray for the people caught up in the fighting, support our Partner Church, the National Evangelical Church in Syria and Lebanon as they help people of all faiths forced out of their own homes within Syria or into Lebanon. One way to do this is by supporting World Mission Council’s ‘A Place At The Table’ resource at



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2 responses to “Syria: a Church of Scotland response

  1. Interesting post. I posted something on this topic a while ago; baring in mind what you’ve written you may be interested.

  2. Hello,
    The United Nations should offer a $100,000,000 reward for information which determines who was responsible for Syria chemical attacks. It is the largest unsolved crime on Earth. There are people who know who is responsible. Cash rewards to give incentive for witnesses to come forward have been used for hundreds of years and are effective.
    Thank you,

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