Condorrat Parish Church

Sunday Services – 11am.

  • There will be a ‘Giving of Talents Service’ on Sunday 15th September.  The theme is ‘Don’t Hide your Light under a Bushel’ and will be a service in two parts – first in the Sanctuary and then in the Church halls.
  • The Harvest Service will be on Sunday 29th September.

The Sanctuary Refurbishment Steering Group has been working diligently and is delighted to inform the congregation of the “Great News”, that we are now in a position to commence the Refurbishment.  The proposed start date is October, lasting approximately eighteen weeks. Whilst the Sanctuary is being refurbished all our services will take place in the Church halls. During the project there will be no vehicle access to the Church grounds but arrangements have been made with the Nursery in Kirk Place to have the use of their car park during this time.  “This is a major step in the future life of our Church in Condorrat which can enable us to be more involved in the local community and them with us.”

A Reminder of Forthcoming Fund Raising Events:

  • Annual Fashion Show at the Westerwood Hotel – Saturday 21st September 12 for 12.30 pm
  • Coffee Morning/Craft Fair in the Church halls – Saturday 26th October 10 am
  • Christmas Fayre in the Church halls – Saturday 30th November 12 noon.  This will be opened by Jamie Hepburn our MSP.  There will be the usual stalls as well as Soup/Roll, and Coffee/Tea Room.  More details nearer the time.

The 2013-14 commencement dates:  

1st Condorrat Company The Boys’ Brigade

The Anchor Section (Pr 1,2,3) – Monday 2nd September at 6.15 pm
The Junior Section (Pr 4,5,6) – Thursday 5th September at 7.15 pm.  This will take the form of a games night where new members can get to know the older boys of the Section.
The Company Section (Pr 7+) – Thursday 5th September at 7.15 pm.  Please note the change of evening.

The Girls’ Brigade started back on Tuesday 27th August:

Explorers (Pr 1,2,3) – 6.30 – 7.30 pm
Juniors (Pr 4,5,6,7) – 7.30 – 9.00 pm
Brigaders (S1+) – 7.30 – 9.00 pm

The Sunday School

Sunday School starts on Sunday 8th September.  All young people (new and old) between 3 and 7 years are welcome.  “It’s not all sitting and listening – we get up to all sorts of games and crafts and other things too!”  We meet at 10.45 am in the Church halls.

The Guild

The new session starts on Wednesday 11th September at 7.30 pm.  This will be an informal evening welcoming all members and anyone else caring to join.  The theme this session is ‘A Fellowship to Build’ and we hope to learn more of the work within our community.  There will also be the usual outings and events.

A Coffee Morning in aid of the McMillan Cancer Fund will be held in the Church halls on Friday 27 September from 10 am.  All are welcome, to support this worthwhile cause!


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