Reaching for the skies

Cameron Gray, an officer in the 1st Cumbernauld Boys’ Brigade Company attached to Cumbernauld Old Parish Church, is planning to climb seven mountains in seven continents for charity. Here’s his story:

About two or three years ago, Cameron made a successful climb of Kilimanjaro for Childreach International. Not content with that, he has now come up with another outlandish plan: he aims to climb the Seven Summits – the highest mountain on each of the earth’s seven continents – to raise money and awareness for the Boys’ Brigade in Scotland.

He writes: “Both mountaineering and the BB have been, and continue to be, huge influences on my life, so why not combine the two? It’s really important to me that our young people are given the opportunities that I was fortunate enough to be given, and I believe firmly that there is no better place for that than the Christian ethos and fellowship that exist with the Boys’ Brigade.”

The second stage of the project, following on from Kilimanjaro, is a trip to Argentina to climb the 6,962 metre giant of Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalaya. It’s going to be a big old challenge, that’s for sure!

Want to follow the project? It’s on Facebook at:

If you’d like to support the Boys’ Brigade then you can make a donation at:


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