Something Fishy in Abronhill

There’s something fishy going on at J.A.F.A. Church on Sunday 25th May!

People remember Jonah for being in the belly of a great fish for three days, but what tends to be forgotten is that he didn’t trust God to carry through on his idea, so Jonah disobeyed him, went in the opposite direction and caused chaos!

He found a ship which took him to Spain but in the middle of the sea a great storm brewed up, causing panic and confusion among the sailors. Jonah was thrown overboard which is where he found himself in the belly of a whale, and was spat out three days later – obviously he wasn’t palatable to the whale! He then decided it was best to obey God, spoke his word to the people of Nineveh and then went into a sulk. Come along and join us at Abronhill Parish Church on the afternoon of 25th May to find out more!

Activities for this month’s J.A.F.A. Church include making a CD rom fish, blowing fish shapes across the room, making tissue paper fish, paper plate fish with Jonah in the belly of the whale, and fishing Jonah out of the whale’s belly using magnets. Our meal is on the fishy theme too with fish fingers and chips. Hope you can come along and join in the fun!


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