Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2015The 2015 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will be held between Sunday 18th and Sunday 25th January.

Here in Cumbernauld there will be daily reflections at 12 noon from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd January, followed by a soup lunch, in the Church of the Holy Name, Fleming Road, Seafar to which all are invited.

The theme for this year’s reflections is “The Well is Deep” and comes from Brazil. according to the CTBI website

“Brazilians, who have traditionally been tolerant of their various social classes and ethnic groups, are now living through a time of growing intolerance made manifest in high levels of violence, especially against minorities and the vulnerable. The logic that undergirds this kind of behaviour is competition for the religious market. Increasingly, in Brazil, some Christian groups compete with one another for a place on the mass media, for new members and for public funds.

The Brazilian churches have begun to recognise that intolerance should be dealt with in a positive way – respecting diversity and promoting dialogue as a permanent path of reconciliation and peace in fidelity to the gospel. We can share this recognition. Although the competition between churches is less obvious in our islands, we are well aware that competition and violent discrimination lie beneath the surface of our lives together. Jesus challenges us to acknowledge that diversity is part of God’s design, to approach one another in trust and to see the face of God in the face of all men and women.”


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