It’s January, and J.A.F.A. Church is back!

January’s J.A.F.A. Church is on the 25th of this month when we’ll be finding out more about the story Jesus told of a man who went out to sow some seeds and what happened to the various seeds that fell on the ground.

Think of it as a farmer sowing wheat in a large field, but this farmer sowed some seed on the path beside the field. Without soil, the seed couldn’t grow so it died. This farmer wasn’t particularly sure where he was sowing his seed, as some of it fell on rocky ground, ground which really wasn’t good for growing seed, and some of it fell in-between weeds which grew faster than the seed and choked the young plant. Thankfully, though, some of the seed was sown in good soil and the farmer managed to reap his harvest.

Come along to Abronhill Parish Church on Sunday 25th January and plant a bulb using compost, then come back the following month and see if it’s grown! We’re also making a collage, moulding clay into baskets which the sowers would’ve used and lots of other things to try out. It’s on from 4-6pm and we’d love to see you here.


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