A son and his father – a parable

Ever heard of the prodigal son? If you’ve not, or even if you have and don’t know what the story is about, then head to J.A.F.A. Church on 29th March to find out all about it.

There were two sons, one who stayed at home with his father, while the other rebelled, took his share of his father’s money and hit the town. It was only when all the money was spent that the younger son realised his mistake. He was homeless, penniless, unemployed and all his so-called friends had disappeared. He found work eventually doing the job no-one else would touch with a barge pole – looking after pigs. He eventually came to his senses, returned to his father and asked for forgiveness. Instead of giving him a telling off, as the son expected, his father was so pleased to see him that he held a party for him.

Come along to Abronhill Parish Church on 29th March and make pigs from paper plates, eat ‘pigs in blankets’ for dinner and find out why God wants to forgive us, even when we rebel against him and go our own way.


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