Better get ready for JAFA Church!

J.A.F.A. Church at Abronhill on Sunday 25th October is all about being prepared and being alert.

Jesus told a story about ten young women who were waiting with their oil lamps for a bridegroom to appear – in those days the bridegroom threw a party which went on for several days before his wedding. However, the bridegroom was late in arriving for his own party and the women’s oil lamps began to go out. Five of the women had brought extra oil with them but five hadn’t.

The five who were prepared wouldn’t share their oil with the five who weren’t as they’d only enough for themselves. The five who were unprepared had to go to buy more oil – and, of course, by the time they got back, the party had started, the doors to the party had closed and the bridegroom wouldn’t let them in as he didn’t know them.

We’re making paper lanterns this month as well as candles (yes with wax), candles with tissue paper and a game teaching us about being prepared. Of course, what would a party be without some food? This month we’re being served some party food – what else? – so come along to Abronhill Parish Church from 4-6pm on Sunday 25th October and join in the fun. All free of charge of course.


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