JAFA Church at Abronhill

The next J.A.F.A. Church will be on Sunday 6th December from 4-6pm at Abronhill Parish Church. Please take note of the change of date. If you haven’t already tried it, why not come along and join in the fun.

This month’s J.A.F.A. Church will be looking at the Bible story called ‘The Parable of the Rich Young Fool‘. This isn’t a well-known story but it’s all about getting our priorities right. The young man in question is a rich farmer who sows a successful crop. His barns aren’t big enough to store all the wheat so he decides to tear them down and build bigger ones. Come along and hear what happens next…

We’ll be playing a game about getting our priorities in the right order, building barns with lollipop sticks and making a 3D jigsaw puzzle, among other things. Remember, it’s on Sunday 6th December. Hope to see you then!


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