Christian Aid Week – it’s good news!

Christian Aid thank-you envelopeCumbernauld Old Parish Church is delighted to announce that the total collected from this year’s Christian Aid Week door-to-door collection in the parish was £2595.01 and that the Boys’ Brigade Display raised another £300 for Christian Aid. This is a marvellous total and is £700 more than was collected last year!

Furthermore, from that total, the donations made under Gift Aid amounted to £1274, meaning Christian Aid can recover the tax already paid on them, adding a further 20% or so. Thanks to everyone who completed the Gift Aid form on their red envelope.

This is a fantastic result and thanks have to go to all the collectors, who have a difficult task at times dealing with some people who are not at all receptive to donating to Christian Aid. This year we also gave Board and Session members five envelopes each and asked them to ‘put them through the doors’ of their closest neighbours. Thank you to everyone who did this – it may have made all the difference! Finally, to all those who helped with counting the money –  thank you – and please, can we ‘count’ on you again next year!


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