Kildrum Kirk News, July 2020

It’s a different, and rather special, look for the latest newsletter from Kildrum Parish Church.

Because of the unusual circumstances we are all living through at present, and with our organisations and many of our activities ‘on hold’ for the moment, we thought we’d have a nostalgic look at our church over its early years, from its inception and building in the 1950s through into the early 1960s.

The information in this ‘old-style’ newsletter was taken from a booklet produced by Sharyn Miller as part of her project towards gaining her Queen’s Award in The Girls’ Brigade. We want to offer many thanks to Sharyn for agreeing that we could use and share this information.

Click on the cover page below to read the magazine. We really hope you enjoy reading it and, with us, reliving some wonderful memories.

Kildrum Kirk History newsletter

Condorrat Newsletter, July 2020

The July 2020 edition of the Condorrat Parish Church newsletter is now available and can be read by clicking on the link below.

It’s a bumper 14-page edition this month, packed full of interesting articles and insights, including a pastoral letter from the minister where she reflects on Jesus’ words “Do not worry about tomorrow” and encourages us to continue putting our trust in Him.  You can read the full newsletter here

A reminder, too, that Grace continues to write regular updates and reflections on our church website, so be sure to check them out.

Condorrat Church Magazine cover - July 2020

Condorrat Newsletter, June 2020

The June 2020 edition of the Condorrat Parish Church newsletter is now available and can be read by clicking on the link below.

In her pastoral letter, the minister reflects on the Old Testament story of Esther, who was called by God “for such a time as this”. We, too, live in unusual times and wonder what is God’s call to us ‘for such a time as this.’ Grace suggests that

‘For such a time as this’ Jesus sets us out on a new adventure to look out for how we can be effective – right where we are. Not looking back to what was, or, wishing we were somewhere else in another time, or, worrying about the future but to live life now with all that is going on around us. To grasp the opportunities to be creative, to learn something new, to come closer to God, to trust in Jesus and His guidance, our companion on the road.

You can read the full Church newsletter here – there are twelve pages of news, comment and reflection.

A reminder, too, that Grace continues to write regular updates and reflections on our church website, so be sure to check them out.

Condorrat Church Magazine cover - June 2020

Condorrat Newsletter, May 2020

The latest newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church is now available and can be read by clicking on the link below.

In her pastoral letter, the minister reflects on the disciples of Jesus being in their own version of ‘lockdown’ after his crucifixion when the risen Christ appeared to them and offers them his peace. Even as we sit behind our own ‘locked doors’ whether physical, social or mental, Grace reminds us that “nothing can prevent Jesus from finding us and coming along side each one of us“.  That same Jesus, she writes, “brings His Peace to our hearts, Peace to our minds, Peace to one another, a Peace which is not describable but which also quietens, restores and renews.”

Read the full Church newsletter at Condorrat Newsletter 05_20

A reminder, too, that Grace continues to write weekly reflections for each Sunday on our church website, so be sure to check them out.

Kildrum Kirk News, April 2020

The latest newsletter from Kildrum Parish Church is now available.

As is the way of things in these unusual times, it has been published online, rather than as a paper edition to be delivered by hand to our members. So please have a read by clicking on the link below and feel free to share.

Kildrum Kirk News April 2020

Condorrat Newsletter, April 2020

The latest newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church is now available. However, rather than our usual paper magazine delivered by hand to our members, this one is an online version available on the church website and also by clicking on the link below.

Condorrat Newsletter 07_04_20

As the Minister reminds us at the close of her pastoral letter:

Let us then keep calm and take each day as it comes and I hope that you keep the Church in mind during this time and continue to support us all with your prayers.

I have put on the notice at the church “Let us continue to keep faith and carry on”.

Pray every Sunday morning at 11am and, wherever we are the body of the church will pray together and our bond will strengthen.


Cumbernauld Resilience Group

A Cumbernauld Resilience Group has been set up to provide assistance to the people of Cumbernauld during the current coronavirus challenges.

The Group is made up of local volunteers who can help with food parcels, prescription collection, and even making phone calls to those who might need some company throughout their isolation period.

If anyone needs help, please call them on 07707 860976.

You can also keep up to date with the latest news from the Resilience Group on Facebook and there is also a crowdfunding Just Giving page for those who wish to make a donation.

St Mungo’s Backpack Appeal

The Sunday School at St Mungo’s Parish Church, Cumbernauld have suggested a way in which we can support the charity Mary’s Meals (

Their idea is to recycle backpacks that are no longer used but are still in good condition and filling them with useful items which can then be passed on to children in Malawi. This enables them to get the most out of their education, as otherwise they might not be able to come to school with all the basic tools for learning.

We are hoping for any of the following donations to pack: notepads, pencils, crayons, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, pencil cases, towels, shorts or skirts, t-shirts or dresses, flip-flops or sandals, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, small ball.

Please contact this page for any further information or to arrange drop-off either on a Sunday morning at church or outwith our Sunday worship service times. Thank you!

Christmas Gift Appeal

Cumbernauld Old Parish Church has launched its Christmas Appeal ahead of our annual Gift Service which will be held in church on Sunday 15th December.

Everyone who is able to is invited to share the joy and hope of Christmas by donating festive food items and gifts (preferably unwrapped) to be distributed through our local food banks. Donations of toiletries (especially for men) and toys would be most welcome.

Cash donations are also appreciated, as they can be used to buy and distribute fresh items on the day. These can be placed in the jar / tin in the vestibule / Session House at Cumbernauld Old. (Please note that no money is stored on the premises overnight.)

Donations of non-perishable festive food and treats are of course also welcome and these can be placed in the box in the vestibule any Sunday between now and 15th December.

The Christmas event at Cornerstone is on 19th December. Craighalbert Church will serve a hot Christmas meal, and food parcels and gifts will be distributed. At the Cumbernauld Village food bank we will have our own Christmas event on 13th December with treats and tea, and share fellowship and hope.

Grateful thanks to everyone for their continuing support.

Planning our future

A meeting will be held in Abronhill Parish Church on Thursday 7th November, i.e. this coming Thursday, at 10.30am to discuss options for the future shape of the Church of Scotland in Cumbernauld in the 2020s and beyond. Everyone, and your ideas, welcome!

Continue reading “Planning our future”


The Craft Group will be holding a Coffee and Craft afternoon on Monday 28 October from 2pm – 4pm in the kitchen hall. All are welcome. The members of the group have been working very hard at preparing cards and gifts for the stall and all proceeds will go to Church funds. There will be a charge of £2 which will include entrance and tea/coffee/goodies.

Our next ‘Lunch Break’ will be on Monday 4 November in the Church. Soup and light lunches, tea and cakes will be served between 12 noon and 2 pm. All are welcome to come along. Prices available on the day.

Christian Aid Week 2019

Christian Aid thank-you envelopeA huge thank-you to everyone who took part in this year’s Christian Aid Week at Cumbernauld Old Parish Church. We recently counted the money collected and are delighted to announce that £1900.29 was raised by the door-to-door, congregation and ‘neighbours’ donations. A further £311 was raised at the Boys’ Brigade Annual Display.

When one adds the Gift Aid pledged on those donations, the final total raised for Christian Aid is a wonderful £2433.83.

That is an impressive amount of money, especially as there were only six door-to-door collectors this year. Thanks are due to them, and to our BB Company, but also to everyone in the congregation who invited their ‘Christmas Card neighbours’ to donate; this really has made a huge difference to the total amount raised. This contribution to Christian Aid will hopefully have a considerable impact on the women of Sierra Leone.

Thanks again, everyone!

Good Friday Walk of Witness

On Friday 19th April (Good Friday) Cumbernauld Churches Together will be taking part in a ‘Walk of Witness’ around various locations in the Town Centre.

Meeting outside the former Dunnes store at 10:15am for a 10:30 start, we will remember the events, and retell the story, of the crucifixion of Jesus on the first Good Friday. Our walk will end about an hour later at Cumbernauld United Reformed Church.

Cumbernauld Old has a twin!

Thanks to everyone who collected their small change in jars, etc last year Cumbernauld Old Parish Church has ‘twinned’ the toilet in our Session House with one in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our donations have gone to improving sanitation and hygiene and providing health education in the developing world.

Thanks again!

Christian Aid Gatherings

The team at Christian Aid Scotland would like to invite you and your Christian Aid community to join them at the Gatherings 2019.

Join staff and supporters at a venue near you and find out how we can give, act and pray together in 2019.

Jeanne Kamara, Christian Aid’s country manager in Sierra Leone, will join us to celebrate how her team is transforming people’s lives by standing up to poverty and injustice.

You’ll also get the chance to learn more about Christian Aid’s key issues and how the money you raise is spent.

Tuesday 26 February 2019 – 10.00am – 1.00pm
St John’s Episcopal Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ

Friday 1 March 2019 – 10.00am – 1.00pm
Wheatley House, 25 Cochrane Street, Glasgow, G1 1HL

(with other Gathering dates in Aberdeen and Inverness)

More details on the Christian Aid Scotland Facebook page.