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Sanctuary First goes ‘live’

This coming Wednesday 7th September Sanctuary First will be live-streaming from the Acoustic Cafe in 7 Melville Lane, Falkirk. It is hoped this will be the first of many in different venues all around the country.

They also hope that this will be a touching place for those who use Sanctuary First to come and meet each other.

This Wednesday Rachel Zylstra, a New York singer/songwriter will be featured live along with an interactive Bible Study based around some verses in Matthew chapter 5, looking specifically at Christian Identity based on the Beatitudes. This week’s theme will be ‘loss’.

You can watch this event live and online from 7 – 8.30 on Wednesday evening. If you have not yet made it over the door of a church, or it’s been a while since you have done so, why not drop into the Cafe or listen and take part online. Sanctuary First is not looking for regular church attenders, but people who may have given up on church but not the Lord.

Please also keep this event in your prayers this week. If you haven’t checked out the Sanctuary First webpage go to www.sanctuaryfirst.org.uk or check them out on Facebook.

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Easter fun at J.A.F.A. Church

Easter Day might be full of bunnies and crème eggs but not at J.A.F.A. Church!

J.A.F.A. Church is on Easter Day (Sunday 27th March) so rather than stand in a queue at Palacerigg Country Park, come along and join in the activities at Abronhill Parish Church from 4-6pm.

Make Easter bonnets, Easter gardens, decorate a hard boiled egg and roll it down the hillside outside the church, and go on an Easter Egg hunt. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do and learn what Easter really is about – the joy of Jesus’ wonderful resurrection.

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Lent Bible Studies

Cumbernauld Churches Together are holding a series of Lent Bible Studies, the first of which is this Thursday 11th February. We meet at 7.00pm (for 7.30pm) starting with tea / coffee in the Session Room at Condorrat Parish Church. Further meetings will be on Thursdays 18th & 25th February and 3rd March.
All welcome!

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JAFA Church is back for 2016

J.A.F.A. Church at Abronhill is back for the start of a new session. Why not give it a go?

Our theme this month is ‘New Beginnings’ so why not have your own new beginning and come along to Abronhill Parish Church on Sunday 31st January from 4 – 6pm. 

It’s free and we get fed too!  We’ll be planting seeds which you can take away and bring back next month showing us all how the seeds have grown. We’ll also be making calendars and lots of other things that have new beginnings. Hope to see you there!

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2016

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2016The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is traditionally observed from from 18th – 25th January and Cumbernauld Churches Together will be participating as usual this year.

There will be a short act of worship at the Church of the Holy Name, Fleming Road, Seafar on 18, 20 and 22 January at 12 noon to which all are invited. A simple soup and sandwich lunch will be available afterwards at around 12.30pm.

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JAFA Church at Abronhill

The next J.A.F.A. Church will be on Sunday 6th December from 4-6pm at Abronhill Parish Church. Please take note of the change of date. If you haven’t already tried it, why not come along and join in the fun.

This month’s J.A.F.A. Church will be looking at the Bible story called ‘The Parable of the Rich Young Fool‘. This isn’t a well-known story but it’s all about getting our priorities right. The young man in question is a rich farmer who sows a successful crop. His barns aren’t big enough to store all the wheat so he decides to tear them down and build bigger ones. Come along and hear what happens next…

We’ll be playing a game about getting our priorities in the right order, building barns with lollipop sticks and making a 3D jigsaw puzzle, among other things. Remember, it’s on Sunday 6th December. Hope to see you then!

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Lost & Found at J.A.F.A. Church

Have you ever lost something of value? Have you lost a treasure that you’d hidden away but were unable to find again? In September’s J.A.F.A. Church we’re looking at the stories Jesus told of The Lost Coin, The Lost Pearl and The Hidden Treasure. We’ll be looking at how God values us and all he created and how he is so happy when he finds us – just like the woman who found her lost coin, in fact!

We’ll be going on a treasure hunt, making dry clay hearts with pearls in them, and treasure chests which you can paint. So why not come along and join in – we’re at Abronhill Parish Church on Sunday 27th September from 4pm. Hope you can join us!

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