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Condorrat Parish Church

From Sunday, 7 September (Communion Sunday) our Services will return to the usual time of 11am and 6.30pm on Communion Sundays.

Girls’ Brigade – The new session has now started:

Tuesday 6.30 – 7.30pm Explorers (P 1,2,3)
Tuesday 7.30 – 9.00pm Juniors (P 4,5,6,7)
Tuesday 7.30 – 9.00pm Brigaders (S 1 upwards)

Boys’ Brigade – Boys can enrol in the first week in September:

Monday 6.30 – 7.30pm  Anchor Boys (P 1,2,3)
Thursday 7.15 – 9.00pm Junior Section (P4,5,6)
Thursday 7.15 – 9.00pm Company Section (P 7+)


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World Record Attempt

An attempt at the World Record for the longest ever non-stop game of 5-a-side football will be made from 9pm on Thursday 11th September to 6pm on Sunday 14th September at Broadwood Stadium, Cumbernauld.

Featuring representatives from a number of local Boys’ Brigade companies, but mostly from our own 1st Cumbernauld Company, this is a charity event in aid of Boys’ Brigade funds. We hope that members of BB companies and churches in Cumbernauld, and as many other people as possible, will drop by and offer their support to the young men attempting this incredible challenge. Find out more on the event’s Facebook page – and, yes, donations will be most welcome!

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Cameron conquers Mount Elbrus!

Cameron Gray, an officer in the 1st Cumbernauld Boys’ Brigade attached to Cumbernauld Old Parish Church, has just completed a successful ascent of Mount Elbrus as part of his ‘Seven Summits Challenge’ to raise money for the Boys’ Brigade in Scotland. Mount Elbrus, at 5,642 metres (18,510 feet) is Russia’s and Europe’s highest mountain.

Well done, Cameron. Have a safe descent and journey home!

A post on the challenge’s Facebook page this morning reads:
GOOD NEWS! Heard from the man himself… HE MADE IT!!!!
I’m sure I will not be the only one congratulating him. It’s been a long slog but perseverance, self motivation and a little faith have pulled him to the top. Cameron is currently at the North hut camp, so is still some 3760m up the mountain. His adventure is far from over so please keep supporting him as he will need it climbing back down. Please Keep him in your thoughts and I will keep you updated on his progress until he has the chance to tell you all his stories himself! CONGRATULATIONS CAMERON, ANOTHER ONE DOWN.

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1st Cumbernauld Boys’ Brigade

The 1st Cumbernauld Boys’ Brigade Company, attached to Cumbernauld Old Parish Church, will be holding their annual display this Thursday 15th May at 7pm in the Forge Centre, Balloch. Please come along and show your support for the officers, leaders and boys as they show what they can do – and help the company fund-raise for Christian Aid Week at the refreshments stall at the interval. See you there!

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Reaching for the skies

Cameron Gray, an officer in the 1st Cumbernauld Boys’ Brigade Company attached to Cumbernauld Old Parish Church, is planning to climb seven mountains in seven continents for charity. Here’s his story:

About two or three years ago, Cameron made a successful climb of Kilimanjaro for Childreach International. Not content with that, he has now come up with another outlandish plan: he aims to climb the Seven Summits – the highest mountain on each of the earth’s seven continents – to raise money and awareness for the Boys’ Brigade in Scotland.

He writes: “Both mountaineering and the BB have been, and continue to be, huge influences on my life, so why not combine the two? It’s really important to me that our young people are given the opportunities that I was fortunate enough to be given, and I believe firmly that there is no better place for that than the Christian ethos and fellowship that exist with the Boys’ Brigade.”

The second stage of the project, following on from Kilimanjaro, is a trip to Argentina to climb the 6,962 metre giant of Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalaya. It’s going to be a big old challenge, that’s for sure!

Want to follow the project? It’s on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/engageageneration7summits

If you’d like to support the Boys’ Brigade then you can make a donation at: www.justgiving.com/engageageneration7summits

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Queen’s Badge for the 1st Cumbernauld

Boys' Brigade Queen's Badge AwardMany congratulations to Ewan Marshall of the 1st Cumbernauld Boys’ Brigade Company, who was presented with his Queen’s Badge at the Company’s dedication service in church on Sunday 27th October.
In the photo on the right Ewan is pictured with Alex Edwardson, the Company Captain.
The Queen’s Badge is the highest award in the Boys’ Brigade and is awarded only to those young men who have achieved a high standard across a range of disciplines over a number of years.
So, well done again, Ewan!

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Condorrat August/September dates

First of all a reminder of our Coffee Morning on Saturday 1st September from 10 am – 12 noon in aid of our Sanctuary Refurbishment Project.  Tickets £1.50 or pay at the door. Everyone welcome!  Please come along.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion will be celebrated on Sunday 2nd September at 11 am and 6.30 pm

Commitment Sunday – 16th September – more details in a later posting.  Anyone who attends our church is welcome to attend even if not a member or adherent.

Enrolment dates for the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades:

Girls’ Brigade: Tuesday 28 August from 6.30 pm

Boys’ Brigade: Monday 3rd September for Anchor Boys (6.15 pm) and Company Section (7.15 pm).  The Junior Section will enrol on 6th September at 7.15 pm.

The Banner Group will recommence on 6th September at 7 pm.

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