Alpha returns to Condorrat

Alpha course logoCondorrat Parish Church will be hosting an Alpha course, starting on Monday 3rd September from 7pm until about 8.30pm and running for around ten weeks.

Alpha is a course designed for those who want to know more about God, Jesus, the Christian gospel and life.

If you would like more information or want to come along, please leave us a note with your contact details. We’ll pass them on to the organiser and get back to you.

You can also find out more about Alpha courses on their website.


The God Particle – a play

160201_020 God ParticleBrightons Parish Church will be hosting a play called The God Particle by Jim Cary on Wednesday 17th February at 7.00pm. The play is a romantic comedy about an interaction between two people with very different ideas – a vicar and a physicist – who meet in a bar and form a romantic attachment. The play sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013.

Advance tickets (priced £4) can be obtained from Brightons Parish Church or the Strathcarron Hospice shop at the Howgate Shopping Centre in Falkirk. It will also be possible to pay at the door on the night but entry price will be £5.

Tea and coffee will be provided after the play. All proceeds will go to Strathcarron Hospice. This event is being organised and promoted by Brightons Parish Church, Scottish Charity Number SC001385. More information is available on their church website.


A son and his father – a parable

Ever heard of the prodigal son? If you’ve not, or even if you have and don’t know what the story is about, then head to J.A.F.A. Church on 29th March to find out all about it.

There were two sons, one who stayed at home with his father, while the other rebelled, took his share of his father’s money and hit the town. It was only when all the money was spent that the younger son realised his mistake. He was homeless, penniless, unemployed and all his so-called friends had disappeared. He found work eventually doing the job no-one else would touch with a barge pole – looking after pigs. He eventually came to his senses, returned to his father and asked for forgiveness. Instead of giving him a telling off, as the son expected, his father was so pleased to see him that he held a party for him.

Come along to Abronhill Parish Church on 29th March and make pigs from paper plates, eat ‘pigs in blankets’ for dinner and find out why God wants to forgive us, even when we rebel against him and go our own way.

Cumbernauld Old Stewardship Season

Stewardship Season 2012 - The Stewardship of TimeSeptember has been designated ‘Stewardship Season’ at Cumbernauld Old. Starting in September 2012 we will be looking at The Stewardship of Time and in subsequent years we will look at the stewardship of Talents and Money respectively.

Worship each Sunday this September will focus on four areas (see below) with a round up ‘ Time for Reflection’ on the last Sunday of the month, 30th September, and a time of thanksgiving and re-commitment incorporated into our Harvest Thanksgiving service on Sunday 7th October.

Sunday 2 September – Time for God
Sunday 9 September – Time for Work, Rest and Recreation
Sunday 16 September – Time for Family, Friends and Other People
Sunday 23 September – Time for the Church

During September we will be making ‘time diaries’ available to those attending our services – we hope they will be used to help everyone work out just where their time goes each week, and to make adjustments where they feel that is appropriate. There are also plans for a follow-up exercise in November, of which more later. September promises to be an interesting and thought-provoking month!

Godsearch Scotland

If you always wanted to know about God… but were afraid to ask – then  might be a good place to start.

Welcome! You’re not the only one who’s maybe wondering whether God is really still credible in the 21st Century. After all, given scientific reasoning, loads of other beliefs, all the suffering in the world, and – yes, we admit it – the church itself sometimes, can anyone still believe in God and Jesus Christ and all that Christian religious stuff, without switching their brain off?

We believe the answer is “Yes!” And we invite you to join our journey.