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Alpha Course at Condorrat

Alpha course logoCondorrat Parish Church will play host to an Alpha course, starting on Monday 9th April from 7pm until approx. 8.30pm for around ten weeks.

Alpha is a course designed for those who want to know more about Jesus, the Christian gospel and God. If you would like more information or want to come along, please leave us a note with your contact details. We’ll pass them on to the organiser and get back to you.

You can also find out more about Alpha courses on their website.


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Light instead of darkness 

​The nights are fair drawing in – it’s getting darker earlier – so what about some light, eh?!  This month, J.A.F.A. Church’s theme is “Light instead of darkness”.  

We’re on 30th October – the day the clocks go back – 4-6pm at Abronhill Parish Church.  Why not come along? 

We’re making stained glass pictures, we’re icing biscuits with white and dark chocolate, making paper lanterns and glass painting.  Mind you, if you’re brave enough why not try our game of feeling for different things while blindfolded – are you brave enough to try?  

Come along and join in the fun!  It’s free and we’ll be finding out how Jesus brings light to the world. Remember, that’s Sunday 30th October from 4-6pm at Abronhill Parish Church. See you there! 

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Easter fun at J.A.F.A. Church

Easter Day might be full of bunnies and crème eggs but not at J.A.F.A. Church!

J.A.F.A. Church is on Easter Day (Sunday 27th March) so rather than stand in a queue at Palacerigg Country Park, come along and join in the activities at Abronhill Parish Church from 4-6pm.

Make Easter bonnets, Easter gardens, decorate a hard boiled egg and roll it down the hillside outside the church, and go on an Easter Egg hunt. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do and learn what Easter really is about – the joy of Jesus’ wonderful resurrection.

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Better get ready for JAFA Church!

J.A.F.A. Church at Abronhill on Sunday 25th October is all about being prepared and being alert.

Jesus told a story about ten young women who were waiting with their oil lamps for a bridegroom to appear – in those days the bridegroom threw a party which went on for several days before his wedding. However, the bridegroom was late in arriving for his own party and the women’s oil lamps began to go out. Five of the women had brought extra oil with them but five hadn’t.

The five who were prepared wouldn’t share their oil with the five who weren’t as they’d only enough for themselves. The five who were unprepared had to go to buy more oil – and, of course, by the time they got back, the party had started, the doors to the party had closed and the bridegroom wouldn’t let them in as he didn’t know them.

We’re making paper lanterns this month as well as candles (yes with wax), candles with tissue paper and a game teaching us about being prepared. Of course, what would a party be without some food? This month we’re being served some party food – what else? – so come along to Abronhill Parish Church from 4-6pm on Sunday 25th October and join in the fun. All free of charge of course.

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Lost & Found at J.A.F.A. Church

Have you ever lost something of value? Have you lost a treasure that you’d hidden away but were unable to find again? In September’s J.A.F.A. Church we’re looking at the stories Jesus told of The Lost Coin, The Lost Pearl and The Hidden Treasure. We’ll be looking at how God values us and all he created and how he is so happy when he finds us – just like the woman who found her lost coin, in fact!

We’ll be going on a treasure hunt, making dry clay hearts with pearls in them, and treasure chests which you can paint. So why not come along and join in – we’re at Abronhill Parish Church on Sunday 27th September from 4pm. Hope you can join us!

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World Day of Prayer 2015

This year’s annual World Day of Prayer Service will be on Friday 6th March, starting at 7.30pm in the Church of The Holy Name, Fleming Road, Seafar.

Much of the material for this year’s service has been produced by the women of the Bahamas and the theme is: ‘Jesus said to them, “Do you know what I have done to you?”‘
Please come along and join us at this important ecumenical event.
World Day of Prayer 2015

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You Need Friends…

Messy Church - Sunday 8 FebruaryThe next Cumbernauld Points North Messy Church will be on Sunday 8th February, i.e. this coming Sunday, when we’ll be looking at the theme of ‘friendship’.

There will be lots of crafts and activities linked to that theme, and we’ll hear about the Bible story of a group of people who wanted to help their sick friend so much that they climbed up onto the roof of a house and lowered him down to the room where Jesus was so he could heal him! After a time for games we’ll sit down to share a meal together. The fun starts at the Forge Community Centre, Balloch, G68 9ND at 3pm and we’ll finish around 5pm. All welcome!

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