New Session for Kildrum’s Rainbows, Brownies & Guides

The Rainbows, 2 Brownie units, Guides and Rangers at Kildrum Parish Church start back this week. The 5th Cumbernauld Rainbows and 16th Brownies are looking for new girls to join. For more information contact, Hilda or Natalie Dunn on 01236 720874 or go to the Get Involved section of the website

Kildrum Guiding groups restart

All of Kildrum’s organisations start back over the next couple of weeks. We’ll update the details as we get the info, but for now…

  • 3rd Cumbernauld Brownies, 3rd Cumbernauld Guides and 1st Cumbernauld Rangers start back on Wednesday 9th January (Brownies meet from 6 – 7.45pm, the Guides and Rangers from 7.45 – 9.30pm). Please note, however, that these groups are full and anyone wishing to join would need to go on a waiting list.
  • 16th Cumbernauld Brownies start back on Thursday 10th January, from 6 – 7.30pm and there are spaces for new members.
  • 5th Cumbernauld Rainbows start back on Saturday 12th January at 10 – 11.30am. They have spaces available.

GirlGuiding UK has introduced a new system called Join Us which any new girls or adult volunteers can go to (if they have never been a part of Guiding before) and enter their top 3 choices of Groups to attend. An email is then sent to the Guider-in-Charge asking if they have spaces available. The Guider-in-Charge can then reply with the details. The GirlGuiding UK website (click on the link above) has more details.