Christmas Gift Appeal

Cumbernauld Old Parish Church has launched its Christmas Appeal ahead of our annual Gift Service which will be held in church on Sunday 15th December.

Everyone who is able to is invited to share the joy and hope of Christmas by donating festive food items and gifts (preferably unwrapped) to be distributed through our local food banks. Donations of toiletries (especially for men) and toys would be most welcome.

Cash donations are also appreciated, as they can be used to buy and distribute fresh items on the day. These can be placed in the jar / tin in the vestibule / Session House at Cumbernauld Old. (Please note that no money is stored on the premises overnight.)

Donations of non-perishable festive food and treats are of course also welcome and these can be placed in the box in the vestibule any Sunday between now and 15th December.

The Christmas event at Cornerstone is on 19th December. Craighalbert Church will serve a hot Christmas meal, and food parcels and gifts will be distributed. At the Cumbernauld Village food bank we will have our own Christmas event on 13th December with treats and tea, and share fellowship and hope.

Grateful thanks to everyone for their continuing support.

Creation Time at J.A.F.A. Church

April’s J.A.F.A. Church is all about God’s World and God’s Creation.

Renewable energy and climate change are big news just now, so why don’t you come along to J.A.F.A. Church on Sunday 24th April and find out how we can be good stewards of God’s World? Make a windmill; using postcards find out about the world by making a collage; build a 3D jigsaw or, using recyclable rubbish, build a castle or a high tower and then knock it down! Brilliant fun!

If you’re feeling a bit down after being on holiday, then come along and perk yourself up, join with other families and find out more about God and the world he created.

J.A.F.A Church is at Abronhill Parish Church from 4-6pm on Sunday 24th April.

Cumbernauld Old Stewardship Season 2013

Cumbernald Old stewardship logo 2013The theme for this year’s Stewardship Season in Cumbernauld Old is the Stewardship of Talents. During the month of September we will encourage people to identify or discern their own gifts or talents; recognise that everyone has at least one (and probably more than one!) talent to offer; acknowledge that God is the giver of all the talents we have; and consider the ways in which we might develop or use these talents, either within the church community or beyond. Should be fun!

Cumbernauld Old Stewardship Season

Stewardship Season 2012 - The Stewardship of TimeSeptember has been designated ‘Stewardship Season’ at Cumbernauld Old. Starting in September 2012 we will be looking at The Stewardship of Time and in subsequent years we will look at the stewardship of Talents and Money respectively.

Worship each Sunday this September will focus on four areas (see below) with a round up ‘ Time for Reflection’ on the last Sunday of the month, 30th September, and a time of thanksgiving and re-commitment incorporated into our Harvest Thanksgiving service on Sunday 7th October.

Sunday 2 September – Time for God
Sunday 9 September – Time for Work, Rest and Recreation
Sunday 16 September – Time for Family, Friends and Other People
Sunday 23 September – Time for the Church

During September we will be making ‘time diaries’ available to those attending our services – we hope they will be used to help everyone work out just where their time goes each week, and to make adjustments where they feel that is appropriate. There are also plans for a follow-up exercise in November, of which more later. September promises to be an interesting and thought-provoking month!

Abronhill Stewardship Reminder

The month of March 2012 is Stewardship Season at Abronhill Parish Church. This note is just a reminder of some information that appeared in an earlier post: if you would like to make a special gift to the work of the Church, there will be a chance to do this on Saturday 31 March.  The Church will be open from 1.00pm – 3.00pm when any donation, large or small will be gladly received.  This will also be an opportunity to find out more about ‘Gift Aid’.

Cumbernauld Old Congregational Conference

Each congregation in the Church of Scotland has been asked to set aside time each year to focus on an aspect of stewardship, whether that be money, talents or time. Cumbernauld Old has decided to designate September as their Stewardship Season this year and focus on the theme of Time. To that end we are holding a Congregational Conference on Sunday 29th April from 2pm to 5pm in the Craighalbert Centre. This will be open to the whole congregation, so we invite you to please come along and join in as we decide on the shape and content of our stewardship season in September. To help us get an idea of numbers please let us know if you will be attending.