Welcome to the blog of the five congregations of the Church of Scotland in Cumbernauld. We hope you enjoy your visit and find the information posted here to be of interest.

Condorrat Newsletter, September 2020

The latest edition of the Condorrat Parish Church newsletter is now available and contains some exciting news: our church building will be reopening for worship on Sunday 20th September at 11.00am.

We have done everything possible to make our church as safe as possible and there will be some changes to what you may have been used to in the past. For example, with each of the seats in the sanctuary now two metres apart the number of people who can attend each service will be restricted to around 40 and a ‘booking’ system will therefore apply, there will be a ‘one-way’ system in place, hand gel will be available, face coverings will need to be worn, and so on. All of this and more is explained in the newsletter, which can be downloaded here or from the Download button below.

As the minister states in her Pastoral Letter, “We will be back in the Peace of the Church, and even if some may not wish to come back yet, everyone will have a boost in knowing that the church is running again and is a beacon of light in the community; a visible sign of God’s work in this place.”

Although, understandably, this edition of the church newsletter highlights our plans for reopening the sanctuary, all the usual articles are there and there is plenty of other thought-provoking material, snippets to make you smile, and news from around and about. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Condorrat Newsletter, August 2020

The latest edition of the Condorrat Parish Church newsletter is now available. Given the present and continuing circumstances it’s another online edition and can be accessed here or on the church website.

In one of the articles in the 12-page newsletter, Susan Boland, our Family Development Worker, speaks about an online conference in which she participated recently. At that ‘webinar’, the host Rev Liz Crumlish, part of the Church of Scotland’s Path for Renewal group, spoke of asking ourselves what God was calling us to as we have not been this way before.

Do we spend time in prayer finding out God’s calling to his Church or do we ignore him and merely return to what we’ve aye known because it’s comfortable and safe?

In her newsletter article Susan goes on to say that Liz Crumlish cited various Old Testament characters who left a life they’d known to travel to another which was completely unknown all the time trusting God. She recognised that none of their travels weren’t without obstacles and perils, yet trusted God to lead them to something better. Read that and the rest of our church newsletter by clicking on the ‘download’ button below.

Moderator of the General Assembly 2021

The Committee to Nominate the Moderator is now ready to receive recommendations for the person who will be nominated as Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in May 2021. The person elected will serve until the opening day of the 2022 Assembly.

Any member of the Church of Scotland can recommend a minister, elder or deacon (i.e. a member of the Diaconate) for consideration by the Committee, using the Recommendation Form below. Completed Forms should be returned to Susan Taylor at staylor@churchofscotland.org.uk by Friday 7 August 2020. The consent of the person being recommended needs to be obtained before the Form is submitted. The Committee asks that there is only one Form submitted for each recommendee.

As well as chairing the General Assembly, the Moderator acts as an ambassador for the Church of Scotland at home and abroad. You can read more about the duties of the Moderator on this PDF file.

The Moderator of the General Assembly is a full-time role and he or she is provided with a flat in Edinburgh during their time of service. Every effort is made to ensure that they are not out of pocket by giving time to this task.

Please give this request your prayerful consideration. Do you know someone who would have the gifts and experience to fulfil this calling? If so, please download the Form and make a recommendation.


Kildrum Kirk News, July 2020

It’s a different, and rather special, look for the latest newsletter from Kildrum Parish Church.

Because of the unusual circumstances we are all living through at present, and with our organisations and many of our activities ‘on hold’ for the moment, we thought we’d have a nostalgic look at our church over its early years, from its inception and building in the 1950s through into the early 1960s.

The information in this ‘old-style’ newsletter was taken from a booklet produced by Sharyn Miller as part of her project towards gaining her Queen’s Award in The Girls’ Brigade. We want to offer many thanks to Sharyn for agreeing that we could use and share this information.

Click on the cover page below to read the magazine. We really hope you enjoy reading it and, with us, reliving some wonderful memories.

Kildrum Kirk History newsletter

Condorrat Newsletter, July 2020

The July 2020 edition of the Condorrat Parish Church newsletter is now available and can be read by clicking on the link below.

It’s a bumper 14-page edition this month, packed full of interesting articles and insights, including a pastoral letter from the minister where she reflects on Jesus’ words “Do not worry about tomorrow” and encourages us to continue putting our trust in Him.  You can read the full newsletter here

A reminder, too, that Grace continues to write regular updates and reflections on our church website, so be sure to check them out.

Condorrat Church Magazine cover - July 2020

Condorrat Newsletter, June 2020

The June 2020 edition of the Condorrat Parish Church newsletter is now available and can be read by clicking on the link below.

In her pastoral letter, the minister reflects on the Old Testament story of Esther, who was called by God “for such a time as this”. We, too, live in unusual times and wonder what is God’s call to us ‘for such a time as this.’ Grace suggests that

‘For such a time as this’ Jesus sets us out on a new adventure to look out for how we can be effective – right where we are. Not looking back to what was, or, wishing we were somewhere else in another time, or, worrying about the future but to live life now with all that is going on around us. To grasp the opportunities to be creative, to learn something new, to come closer to God, to trust in Jesus and His guidance, our companion on the road.

You can read the full Church newsletter here – there are twelve pages of news, comment and reflection.

A reminder, too, that Grace continues to write regular updates and reflections on our church website, so be sure to check them out.

Condorrat Church Magazine cover - June 2020

General Assembly 2020

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland was scheduled to take place in Edinburgh from 16-22 May, however it can’t go ahead as planned because of the current virus restrictions. Although the full General Assembly cannot go forward, a special service will be held to formally install Rev Dr Martin Fair as the new Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

The full service will be streamed live on the Church of Scotland website and Facebook page from 11am on Saturday 16 May. A video of the event will also be available on the Church of Scotland website after the Installation. More information about Dr Fair’s installation as Moderator here.

In addition, a special online version of Heart and Soul will be streamed live on the Church of Scotland website and Facebook page from 2pm to around 4:20pm on Sunday 17 May.

Heart and Soul 2020 will include highlights from the service to install the new Moderator, along with worship, conversation, music and all-age entertainment. After 17 May, the full event will be available to watch on the Kirk’s website.


Condorrat Newsletter, May 2020

The latest newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church is now available and can be read by clicking on the link below.

In her pastoral letter, the minister reflects on the disciples of Jesus being in their own version of ‘lockdown’ after his crucifixion when the risen Christ appeared to them and offers them his peace. Even as we sit behind our own ‘locked doors’ whether physical, social or mental, Grace reminds us that “nothing can prevent Jesus from finding us and coming along side each one of us“.  That same Jesus, she writes, “brings His Peace to our hearts, Peace to our minds, Peace to one another, a Peace which is not describable but which also quietens, restores and renews.”

Read the full Church newsletter at Condorrat Newsletter 05_20

A reminder, too, that Grace continues to write weekly reflections for each Sunday on our church website, so be sure to check them out.

Holy Week 2020

200405_010 Palm Sunday crossAs we enter Holy Week 2020 in a way like no other, there are many ways in which we can continue to reflect and worship as the road leads us towards Good Friday and then onto Easter Day.

Abronhill Parish Church are posting reflections and prayers on their Facebook page, as are Cumbernauld Old Parish Church on their page, so please join us there.

News and worship materials from St Mungo’s and Kildrum are being posted to the Facebook page for the five Cumbernauld Church of Scotland congregations, while Condorrat will post updates to their website. Our Palm Sunday reflections are already online, so please stop by and have a look at them.

Away from Cumbernauld, Sanctuary First have suggestions of videos and meditations to view during Holy Week, all of which be accessed from www.sanctuaryfirst.org.uk, Spill the Beans Resources are partnering with Fischy Music and Rev Gayle Taylor to create a simple family-oriented act of worship and activity for each day of Holy Week. You can find that at www.facebook.com/spillbeansresources/ and, of course, the Church of Scotland Facebook page and Twitter feed both have frequent updates with meditations, reflections, prayers and worship ideas.

The church is most certainly not confined by bricks, wood, steel or stone, and although our buildings may be closed temporarily, our praise and worship, prayers and service continue. Feel free to join us at any time, day or night!

Kildrum Kirk News, April 2020

The latest newsletter from Kildrum Parish Church is now available.

As is the way of things in these unusual times, it has been published online, rather than as a paper edition to be delivered by hand to our members. So please have a read by clicking on the link below and feel free to share.

Kildrum Kirk News April 2020

Condorrat Newsletter, April 2020

The latest newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church is now available. However, rather than our usual paper magazine delivered by hand to our members, this one is an online version available on the church website and also by clicking on the link below.

Condorrat Newsletter 07_04_20

As the Minister reminds us at the close of her pastoral letter:

Let us then keep calm and take each day as it comes and I hope that you keep the Church in mind during this time and continue to support us all with your prayers.

I have put on the notice at the church “Let us continue to keep faith and carry on”.

Pray every Sunday morning at 11am and, wherever we are the body of the church will pray together and our bond will strengthen.


Cumbernauld Resilience Group

A Cumbernauld Resilience Group has been set up to provide assistance to the people of Cumbernauld during the current coronavirus challenges.

The Group is made up of local volunteers who can help with food parcels, prescription collection, and even making phone calls to those who might need some company throughout their isolation period.

If anyone needs help, please call them on 07707 860976.

You can also keep up to date with the latest news from the Resilience Group on Facebook and there is also a crowdfunding Just Giving page for those who wish to make a donation.

World Day of Prayer 2020

This year’s World Day of Prayer is on Friday 6th March and there will be an ecumenical worship service in Cumbernauld Old Parish Church at 7.30pm to which all are invited.

This year’s theme is “Rise! Take your mat and walk” and the service has been written by the Christian women of Zimbabwe.
200306_World Day of Prayer image

Continue reading “World Day of Prayer 2020”

Fundraising Concert by the Bruadar Duo

The Bruadar Duo – classical guitarist Kieran McCrossan and flautist Lynn Fraser (whom many of us will know as Lynn Strang) – will be playing music from Spain, France and South America in a fund-raising concert for Cumbernauld Old Parish Church

The concert will take place in the church on Friday 21st February at 7.30pm and tickets are now available for a suggested donation of £5. It promises to be a wonderful night of music and refreshments will be available. Get your ticket now!

200221 Bruadar Cumbernauld Poster

Cumbernauld Churches Join in Worship

On Sunday 26th January all five Church of Scotland congregations in Cumbernauld will come together for a joint service of worship.

The service will take place in Cumbernauld Old Parish Church at 11am and will take the form of a ‘Service of Praise’.

There will be two speakers: Prof. David J Smith, founding Head of Music at Northumbria University, and organist at Cumbernauld Old (www.davidjsmith.org.uk); and Iain McLarty, currently Musical Director of the Scottish Chamber Choir and Edinburgh Charity Orchestra, and who develops worship resources for the Church of Scotland, including spearheading a new ‘Church Hymnary 4’ project (www.iainmclarty.co.uk).

Let us proclaim the Lord’s greatness;
let us praise his name together!
(Psalm 34:3)