Welcome to the blog of the five congregations of the Church of Scotland in Cumbernauld. We hope you enjoy your visit and find the information posted here to be of interest.

Dog-Walking – Condorrat style!

Guide Dogs logoThe 1st Condorrat Girls’ Brigade company are doing a Sponsored Walk for the Guide Dogs charity during May and invite you to sponsor them in raising funds for this worthwhile cause.

Incredibly, they have already smashed their initial target, but if anyone else would like to sponsor or donate to their team, please click their JustGiving link here. The link will also give more information about how money raised for Guide Dogs makes a big difference to so many lives.

Meanwhile, a big well done to all those involved. We can’t wait to share the final total on our Facebook page when it’s all done.

Condorrat Newsletter, May 2021

Condorrat Parish Church is delighted to announce that we have restarted worship services in the church sanctuary every Sunday at 11.00am. We need to limit numbers attending at the moment, so please ‘reserve’ your place in advance – contact details are in our newsletter, a downloadable copy of which is available below.

In her pastoral letter, the minister reports that on the ‘baby steps’ we are taking to make our services more widely available, both in ‘real time’ and also as recorded versions, and looks forward to a time when our organisations can once again be up-and-running.

Susan, our Family Development and Outreach Worker, comments on the latest progress on our New Horizons Condorrat project and provides the following observation, which is as true for every aspect of church life as it is for this project. She writes,

I believe that the Church – not just Condorrat but the Church as a whole – needs to move from a mindset of passive involvement to one of ownership. Ownership of an idea means people feel they are part of the idea and are therefore willing to contribute to it. They feel valued and have a sense of achievement in its outcome. Leaders are only good if they lead those who feel part of the idea in the first place. Collaborative leadership means, for the church, a sense of real participation in God’s work instead of only a few with others looking on or in. Everyone – young and old- have a contribution to make.

The May 2021 edition of our newsletter has many other items of interest as well as children’s activities, so download your copy now and read it at leisure.

Condorrat Newsletter, April 2021

Condorrat Parish Church Magazine - April 2021

First up, the good news that Condorrat Parish Church has reopened for worship on Sunday mornings at 11am.
Because of the continuing restrictions and guidelines, seating is limited for the moment so please ‘reserve’ your place in advance – details are in the newsletter.

Secondly, welcome to the April 2021 edition of our church newsletter in which we look forward to the coming of Easter and all that means for the Christian church.
We may not be able to sing in church, writes the minister in her pastoral letter, “but we can sing in our hearts to celebrate the Rising of Jesus who overcame death so that we might receive ever-lasting life.”

Our new Facebook page is proving to be a real success, so now’s a good time to remind everyone that our morning worship services will also be posted there for those who are unable to attend worship in person.

The magazine also contains an update from the Session Clerk, the Clerk to the Congregational Board and the Treasurer, among others, while Susan our outreach worker speaks about our new initiative called New Horizons Condorrat and there’s also our Easter Scavenger Hunt to keep everyone occupied, entertained and informed. Don’t miss it.

Just click on the download button below to read the magazine at your leisure. Enjoy!

Holy Week at Cumbernauld Old

Easter crossDuring Holy Week (from Monday 29th March until Friday 2nd April) you are invited to watch a service of reflections from Cumbernauld Old Parish Church each day online.

They will be posted on our Facebook page and on our blog each morning, but our advice is, if you can, to watch them in the evening. We’ll also post links to all five reflections on our website on Sunday afternoon.

Also, please feel free to share them with family and friends too if you would like to.

Our Facebook page is the place to go for all the latest news and updates from Cumbernauld Old. It’s also where you will find links to our Sunday worship services – our worship for Palm Sunday will be posted online on Saturday.

Holy Week worship from Abronhill

Abronhill Parish Church will be open for worship this Sunday – Palm Sunday, 28th March at 11.15am

Please note that booking is essential. Please contact 01236 731236 to reserve your place. The service will continue to be live-streamed so if you are unable to attend in person please participate on Facebook.

BTW, remember and put your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night lest you miss the church service!

Holy Week

Worship services at Abronhill Parish Church will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Good Friday of Holy Week – 29th and 31st March and 2nd April. Worship will begin at 7pm and, once again, booking is essential. Please adhere to all guidance and advice on entering and leaving building. As with all our worship services, our worship during Holy Week will also be live-streamed.

Easter Day

Our Easter Day service at Abronhill Parish Church will take place on Sunday 4th April at 11.15am.

Booking is essential, so please phone 01236 731236 to book your place. We ask that everyone attending this service in person follows all the advice and guidelines given. Our Easter Day worship service will be live-streamed for those unable to attend.

Please check our Facebook page for all the latest news and updates from Abronhill Parish Church.

Celebrate Easter at Abronhill Parish Church

Condorrat Newsletter, March 2021

We are delighted to bring you the latest newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church, in which ‘Rejoice‘ is very much the theme of the minister’s letter.

In her pastoral letter, Rev Grace Saunders invites us to rejoice in the fact that we may soon be able to open our doors for worship once again, that life for many will soon change as we are able to get out and about, that our young people are going back to school… and much more! You can read Grace’s letter from the church website or by downloading the magazine from the link below.

A few weeks ago we were delighted to get our new Facebook page up and running, so please drop by, give us a ‘like’ and follow our news online. One of the developments brought about by having our own Facebook page is that we have been able to post our Sunday worship services online, and we know how many people are taking advantage of joining in our worship week by week. We are already sharing news from the Church of Scotland and other sources on our page and plan to post a series of reflections as Holy Week and Easter approach.

Our March newsletter has information about this and more. There is an update from the Session Clerk and the Clerk to the Congregational Board, many ‘points to ponder’ and puzzles for younger readers. Enjoy!

World Day of Prayer 2021

World Day of Prayer 2021This year’s World Day of Prayer is on Friday 5th March.
The service has been written by the Christian women of Vanuatu and the theme of their service is ‘Build on a Strong Foundation’.

Our sisters in Vanuatu have everyday struggles with production of food, care for the environment and the education of children. They see those challenges as reasons to praise God for being the source of their strength while they pursue opportunities in education, keep children away from malnutrition and provide alternatives to young people.

We listen to their voices through the worship service, which invites us to focus on the Bible story in Matthew 7: 24-27 in which Jesus tells a story about the kingdom of heaven using the image of a house and the land on which the house is built. Choosing the land on which to build the house is an important decision for people in Vanuatu.

The Scottish Committee of the World Day of Prayer invite us to join in the worship service this Friday afternoon at 2pm. You can join on Zoom with the Meeting Id 395 9398 3883 and Password 901656 or by phone at 0131 460 1196. You can also download the World Day of Prayer service booklet below.


Vanuatu flagVanuatu is a tropical archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean with over eighty islands, sixty-five of which are inhabited. The Solomon Islands lie to the north, New Caledonia to the south, Fiji to the east, and the Coral Sea and Australia to the west.

Vanuatu is a small country with more spoken languages than any other place in the world! It has 113 spoken languages and numerous dialects. By 2004, less than 100 of these languages remained due to the use of Bislama, a language that has evolved from broken English, French and the traditional languages. Due to the country’s colonial history, the English and French languages have been adopted as the official language of education.

The islands are prone to natural disasters including earthquakes, cyclones and volcanic eruptions. There are seven active volcanoes scattered throughout the islands. The island of Ambae erupted in September of 2017 and again in 2018. The entire population of about 11,000 people was evacuated. Each year Vanuatu can expect an average of 8 to 10 cyclones. Cyclone Pam, a category 5 tropical cyclone hit the island nation in March 2015. It was one of the worst cyclones on record. Around 75,000 people needed emergency shelter and 96% of the crops were destroyed.

Condorrat Newsletter, January / February 2021

Condorrat Church Magazine Cover Jan-Feb 2021

We are delighted to bring you the latest newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church.

In her Pastoral Letter, our minister Rev Grace Saunders, reflects on the need, especially in these difficult times to take things “one day at a time” as the song goes. She writes,

That is a practical way of getting through, but there is a better way and that is to place your faith in Jesus and He will see us through. Just as a child trustingly will take you by the hand, let us with child-like trust take the hand of Jesus, allow Him into our hearts and our lives and allow Him to guide us through this time. Allow Him to give you strength to face each day as it slips past and take the opportunity to get to know Jesus more deeply than you have had before.

Also in the newsletter are articles from the Session Clerk, the Clerk to the Board and the Church Treasurer.
Our Family Development and Outreach Worker brings us up-to-date with her thoughts, and there are numerous other items of news and ‘points to ponder’ in this 10-page edition, the first of 2021.

Our newsletter is available on the Church website and can also be downloaded from the link below.

Condorrat Newsletter, December 2020

We are delighted to bring you the latest newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church.

In her Pastoral Letter, our minister Rev Grace Saunders, reflects on the four themes of Advent – Hope, Peace, Joy and Love – as we look forward to celebrating the birth of the One in whom we find these attributes fulfilled and perfected.

There is also news about our plans for celebrating Christmas, although the exact details of what may be allowed will depend on the results of the Scottish Government’s review planned for 11th December.

Our newsletter is available on the Church website and can also be downloaded from the link below.

Remembrance Sunday at Condorrat

The following information was printed in the recent newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church and we wanted to share it here to let you know how we plan to commemorate Remembrance Sunday this year.

Remembrance PoppyThis year the Remembrance Service in the church will be very low-key due to the restrictions placed on numbers, etc.
We have not invited the usual organisations to lay a wreath in the Sanctuary and the only wreath will be from the Church.
The Service will start at 10:30am with a 2 minute silence at 11am.
There will be no open air service at the Library corner or the Memorial Wall.

Thank you for your understanding.

Condorrat Newsletter, November 2020

We are delighted to bring you the latest newsletter from Condorrat Parish Church.

Our minister ponders the words “Thank You” and the way they can be used. She reminds us that “The best type of ‘Thank You’ is from the heart,” especially when we express our own heart-felt gratitude towards God for all of His blessings to us.

“God,” Grace writes, ” is worthy of our Thanks and Praise. His gifts to us are many and He is at work in our lives at all times. So let us give God thanks at all times and in every way for His goodness and mercy.”

The 12-page newsletter contains details of how we’ll commemorate Remembrance Sunday this year in the Parish as things, of course, will be very different due to the current circumstances. (We’ll put further details online in a separate post.) There are also updates from the Session Clerk, the Clerk to the Board and also from Susan Boland, our Family Development Worker

You can read our latest newsletter by clicking on the ‘Download’ link below or from our church website. Enjoy!

Condorrat Newsletter, September 2020

The latest edition of the Condorrat Parish Church newsletter is now available and contains some exciting news: our church building will be reopening for worship on Sunday 20th September at 11.00am.

We have done everything possible to make our church as safe as possible and there will be some changes to what you may have been used to in the past. For example, with each of the seats in the sanctuary now two metres apart the number of people who can attend each service will be restricted to around 40 and a ‘booking’ system will therefore apply, there will be a ‘one-way’ system in place, hand gel will be available, face coverings will need to be worn, and so on. All of this and more is explained in the newsletter, which can be downloaded here or from the Download button below.

As the minister states in her Pastoral Letter, “We will be back in the Peace of the Church, and even if some may not wish to come back yet, everyone will have a boost in knowing that the church is running again and is a beacon of light in the community; a visible sign of God’s work in this place.”

Although, understandably, this edition of the church newsletter highlights our plans for reopening the sanctuary, all the usual articles are there and there is plenty of other thought-provoking material, snippets to make you smile, and news from around and about. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Condorrat Newsletter, August 2020

The latest edition of the Condorrat Parish Church newsletter is now available. Given the present and continuing circumstances it’s another online edition and can be accessed here or on the church website.

In one of the articles in the 12-page newsletter, Susan Boland, our Family Development Worker, speaks about an online conference in which she participated recently. At that ‘webinar’, the host Rev Liz Crumlish, part of the Church of Scotland’s Path for Renewal group, spoke of asking ourselves what God was calling us to as we have not been this way before.

Do we spend time in prayer finding out God’s calling to his Church or do we ignore him and merely return to what we’ve aye known because it’s comfortable and safe?

In her newsletter article Susan goes on to say that Liz Crumlish cited various Old Testament characters who left a life they’d known to travel to another which was completely unknown all the time trusting God. She recognised that none of their travels weren’t without obstacles and perils, yet trusted God to lead them to something better. Read that and the rest of our church newsletter by clicking on the ‘download’ button below.

Moderator of the General Assembly 2021

The Committee to Nominate the Moderator is now ready to receive recommendations for the person who will be nominated as Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in May 2021. The person elected will serve until the opening day of the 2022 Assembly.

Any member of the Church of Scotland can recommend a minister, elder or deacon (i.e. a member of the Diaconate) for consideration by the Committee, using the Recommendation Form below. Completed Forms should be returned to Susan Taylor at staylor@churchofscotland.org.uk by Friday 7 August 2020. The consent of the person being recommended needs to be obtained before the Form is submitted. The Committee asks that there is only one Form submitted for each recommendee.

As well as chairing the General Assembly, the Moderator acts as an ambassador for the Church of Scotland at home and abroad. You can read more about the duties of the Moderator on this PDF file.

The Moderator of the General Assembly is a full-time role and he or she is provided with a flat in Edinburgh during their time of service. Every effort is made to ensure that they are not out of pocket by giving time to this task.

Please give this request your prayerful consideration. Do you know someone who would have the gifts and experience to fulfil this calling? If so, please download the Form and make a recommendation.


Kildrum Kirk News, July 2020

It’s a different, and rather special, look for the latest newsletter from Kildrum Parish Church.

Because of the unusual circumstances we are all living through at present, and with our organisations and many of our activities ‘on hold’ for the moment, we thought we’d have a nostalgic look at our church over its early years, from its inception and building in the 1950s through into the early 1960s.

The information in this ‘old-style’ newsletter was taken from a booklet produced by Sharyn Miller as part of her project towards gaining her Queen’s Award in The Girls’ Brigade. We want to offer many thanks to Sharyn for agreeing that we could use and share this information.

Click on the cover page below to read the magazine. We really hope you enjoy reading it and, with us, reliving some wonderful memories.

Kildrum Kirk History newsletter